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Private Label Dog Treats with the Himalayan Innovation

Sustainable, Customizable. Win Customers, Grow Sales.

The Nepali Dog Chew industry supports and enhances the livelihood of thousands of farmers in the remote mountains of Nepal, helping them with access to services to move out of poverty. 

Bring a smile on faces of the Himalayan farmers as well as your pets by making dog chew your preferred option.

About Lekali Dog Chew Nepal

Was established to address the challenges directly encountered by dairy farmers.

We first started Made in Nepal, a trading company dealing with various Nepali origin products, including dog chews.

We soon realized that we could not adequately address the underlying issues within the dog chew industry which required large scale operations and needed integration across the supply chain.

We recognized the need for a comprehensive approach and conducted extensive research and development to work with the entire dog chew supply chain, from production to the end customer.

How Lekali Dog Chew Nepal Helps Dairy Farmers?

Procure and process our products through direct trade relationship with over 20,000 farmers in the remote areas of the

Directly contacting the farmers to collect the milk which not only ensures the freshest quality but also empowers farmers to receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication.

Every purchase of our dog chews contributes to indirectly supporting farmers, as a certain percentage of our profits goes directly to them.

The Lekali Dog Chew Nepal Partnership

The company established direct contact with farmers to procure high-quality milk, a key ingredient in its dog chews, by collaborating with various dairies.

Lekali Nepal prioritized dairy partners willing to adhere to stringent hygiene protocols, by investing in them and providing them with standard operating procedures (SOPs), training, and ongoing support to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Measures were implemented to enhance traceability throughout the supply chain, aiming to identify specific batches of milk and their respective sources.

Our Range of Private Label Products

Three sticks of beeswax lying on a white background.

Lekali Dog Chew Bar

A pile of peeled citrus fruit, possibly tangerines or mandarins, with some pieces partially peeled, on a white background.

Puffed Nuggets

A pile of plain, round cookies on a white background.

Dog Biscuit Treat

Dog Chew Nepal Protein Powder

Protein Powder

A pile of Churpi Nuggets, a type of dog treat, on a green background. This image is present on the 'Home' page.


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