About Lekali Dog Chew

About Lekali Dog Chew

Lekali Dog Chew (Churpi) & Its Antiquity

Legend has it that in ancient times the Tibetan Mastiffs were kept as guardians of monasteries in the Himalayas. Due to Monks being vegetarians, these Mastiffs were fed Churpi high-protein chew for nutrition. As a result, they were thought to be strong enough to break metal shackles if they anticipated any threat to them or their master.

Using this ancient recipe passed down over generations, the hardened cheese-churpi is hand-made at over 15,000 feet in the foothills of Himalayas. To preserve the nutrition of milk, and to substitute the low availability of vegetables, Churpi is still popular as food in these regions thoroughly enjoyed by both humans and pets alike.

A musk ox standing against a green background.

Yak & Cow Milk

7 Gallons

A bowl filled with brown rocksalt cubes on a green background.

Himalayan Salt

1 Pinch

Three fresh limes, two whole and one cut in half, with green leaves attached, on a green background.


1 Piece

A pile of breadsticks,  possibly a visual representation or ingredient of Lekali Dog Chews, on a green background.


2 Pounds

Churpi is a high source of protein made using only four high-quality natural ingredients: Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Himalayan Salt and Lime. In a process that last almost four months, each batch has nutrition received from milk over twenty-five times its weight. The slow and deliberated procedure also gives this product its unique combination of smoky and tangy flavours which is enjoyed by pets around the world.

Lekali Dog Chew Production Process


Milk is sourced at high altitudes

Yaks and cows in the Himalayan region graze at altitudes of greater than 15,000 feet, munching on herbs and medicinal plants found abundantly in the region. They drink pure Himalayan water which adds medicinal value to the milk. Local farmers collect the fresh milk and it marks the first stage of producing Lekali Dog Chews.


The milk is boiled

Heating milk at 90-degree Celsius temperature kills microbes and harmful bacteria. Then, the fat is separated and removed from the milk through the Centrifugation Process. The remaining skimmed milk is used to prepare tasty Lekali Dog Chew treats for dogs.


Forming cheese

To make the fresh cheese, the separated milk is heated by adding a small quantity of lime juice and Himalayan salt. Through the coagulation process, semi-solid cheese is formed at the end of this stage.


Removing Moisture

The coagulated cheese is then packed into rectangular blocks, in a jute cloth, and is compressed with high force to extract and remove excess water. This allows the chew to be hardened in the process.


Smoke drying to form Lekali Dog Chew

The dehydrated blocks are cut to produce long bars of hard Lekali Dog Chew and are smoke dried for 28 days. This step is a way of putting a natural preservative layer on the Lekali Dog Chew.


Sorting and Quality Test

Lekali Dog Chews are brought to our processing units for inspection from 30+ micro dairies. Only the chews that match international standards are selected for further processing and packaging, to deliver the final product from the Himalayas for your dog to enjoy.

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