Handle Digestive Issues in Dogs with Chhurpi Dog Chews from Nepal

As a leading manufacturer and exporter of Chhurpi  Dog chews since 2020, the team at Lekali Dog Chew Nepal has extensive experience in producing high-quality, digestible treats for dogs. Our products are exported globally, including  the US, Canada, and Japan, giving us a unique perspective on canine nutrition and health.

What are Yak Chews? 

Composition and Nutritional Benefits

At Lekali Dog Chew Nepal, we craft our yak chews from milk sourced from cows and/or yaks grazing at 2600 meters above sea level. This unique environment creates exceptional milk quality that translates to superior chew taste and texture. Our chews are free from artificial additives and preservatives, making them a natural and nutritious option for dogs. To learn more about why yak chews are an excellent choice for your dogs, visit our detailed guide.

Our rigorous quality control processes ensure that our chews are rich in essential nutrients. Based on our nutrition information, our chhurpi dog chews contain:

  • Minimum 66% Crude Protein
  • Maximum 1% Crude Fiber
  • Maximum 1% Crude Fat
  • Maximum 9% Ash Content
  • Maximum 15% Moisture
  • 385 calories per 100g

This high-protein, low-fat composition contributes to overall canine health while supporting optimal digestive function.

Addressing Digestive Concerns

Gradual Introduction

We recommend introducing our chhurpi dog  chews gradually. Based on our experience and the size variations of our chews, we suggest the following approach:

  1. For small dogs or puppies: Start with our small size chew (30-40g) for 5-10 minutes per day.
  2. For medium dogs: Begin with our medium size (70-80g) for 10-15 minutes per day.
  3. For large dogs: Introduce our large  size (100-110g)  for 15-20 minutes per day.

Gradually increase the chewing time over 1-2 weeks, always monitoring your dog’s response.

Monitoring and Moderation

We advise pet owners to closely monitor their dogs for any signs of digestive upset. If symptoms occur, discontinue use immediately. Remember, moderation is key. Even with our nutritious chews, overconsumption can lead to health issues. For more information on the safety of our  chews for dogs, check out our comprehensive safety guide.

Consulting a Veterinarian

While we at Lekali Dog Chew Nepal have extensive knowledge about our products, we always encourage pet owners to consult their veterinarians for personalized advice. Your vet can provide guidance based on your dog’s specific dietary needs and health conditions. This is especially important if your dog has a history of digestive issues or food intolerances.

Size-Specific Recommendations

We offer chews in various sizes to suit different breeds:

  • Small (30-40g, 6-9cm) for puppies and small breeds
  • Medium (70-80g, 10-14cm) for medium-sized dogs
  • Large (100-110g, 13-17cm) for larger breeds
  • X-Large (115-125g, 15-18cm) and XX-Large (155-165g or 170-200g, 16-20cm) for giant breeds

Choosing the appropriate size helps prevent choking hazards and ensures proper digestion.

Benefits of Chhurpi Dog Chews

Dental Health

Our chhurpi dog  chews are specifically designed to promote dental health. The tough, durable texture of our chews encourages rigorous chewing, which naturally helps clean teeth and gums. Through our research and development process, we’ve optimized the hardness of our chews to maximize their teeth-cleaning benefits while ensuring they remain safe for your dog’s dental health.

Mental Stimulation

We understand the importance of mental stimulation for dogs. Our chhurpi dog  chews not only provide a tasty treat but also offer an engaging activity that can help alleviate boredom. Many of our customers report that our chews have helped reduce destructive behaviors in their pets by providing a positive outlet for their chewing instincts.

Long-Lasting and Enjoyable

At Lekali Dog Chew Nepal, we take pride in producing long-lasting chews that provide extended enjoyment for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Our unique manufacturing process ensures that our chhurpi dog  chews are particularly durable, making them an excellent choice for aggressive chewers. We’ve received feedback from customers worldwide about how our chews have become their dogs’ favorite treats.


As an award-winning manufacturer (recipient of the 2023 LUXlife Magazine’s Best Natural Pet Treat Manufacturer – Nepal Award), we at Lekali Dog Chew Nepal are committed to providing safe, nutritious treats for dogs. Our FDA certification and ISO, HACCP, and SA8000 certifications underscore our commitment to quality and safety.

By following our guidelines for gradual introduction and choosing the appropriate chew size, pet owners can confidently incorporate our chhurpi dog  chews into their dog’s diet while minimizing the risk of digestive issues. For those interested in bulk purchases, explore our bulk chhurpi dog  chews options

Remember, your veterinarian is always the best resource for personalized advice about your dog’s diet and health. At Lekali Dog Chew Nepal, we’re dedicated to supporting both you and your furry friends in achieving optimal health and happiness.

Latika Golyan
Latika Golyan

Latika Golyan, Founder and Managing Director of Lekali Nepal (the parent organization of Dog Chew Nepal). Her vision is to help dog food retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers see the business value of Lekali dog chews from Nepal and 10x the exports from the country by 2027.

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