How to Microwave Himalayan Yak Chews for a Crunchy Treat

Transform your dog’s favorite Himalayan treat into a safe and delicious snack with a simple microwave trick. Yak cheese chews, crafted from the natural ingredients of yak and cow milk, are a preservative-free and healthy alternative to traditional dog treats. These long-lasting chews are perfect for power chewers, promoting dental health by reducing tartar buildup and supporting bone health with their high calcium content.

Preserving the Goodness with Microwaves

When your furry friend has enjoyed their Yak Cheese Dog Chew down to the last piece, don’t discard it. Instead, use your microwave to turn these leftover pieces into crunchy cheese puff treats. This process not only preserves the natural ingredients but also provides a tasty cheese puff that’s safe for your dog to enjoy.

Himalayan Dog Chew Microwave Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Leftover Piece: Once your dog has chewed down to about 3-4cm of their treat, it’s time to transform it. Soak the leftover yak chew in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften it, making it easier to puff up.

Step 2: Microwave the Chew: Place the soaked piece on a microwave-safe plate and microwave on high. The optimal time varies depending on your microwave’s power but start with 30 seconds for a 1000-watt microwave and adjust as needed. The piece will hiss and puff up, much like popcorn, without the popping sound.

Step 3: Cooling Down: After microwaving, let the puffed-up chew cool down completely before offering it to your dog. This ensures the treat is safe to eat and prevents any potential hazard to your dog’s mouth.

The Benefits of Microwaved Yak Cheese Chews

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Yak chews are made from a simple blend of cheese, including yak / cow milk, a pinch of salt, and lime juice. They are free from artificial ingredients and preservatives, making them a safe product for your dog’s health.
  • Oral Health: Chewing on these treats can help maintain your dog’s dental health by cleaning their teeth and reducing the risk of oral diseases.
  • Texture and Taste: The microwaving process enhances the texture of the chew, turning it into a crunchy cheese puff treat that provides high-quality chewing entertainment.
  • Lactose Content: While yak chews contain lactose, the levels are minimal, making them suitable for most dogs, even those who are lactose intolerant.
  • Suitable for All Dogs: Yak chews come in mixed sizes to cater to the respective size and chewing rate of different dogs, from small pups to power chewers.
  • Economical and Eco-Friendly: By microwaving the leftover pieces, you ensure every bit of the product is used, offering a range of benefits without waste.


Microwaving yak chews is a simple and effective way to provide your dog with a crunchy, tasty, and healthy treat. It’s a fantastic method to utilize the entire chew and offer your dog a different texture to enjoy. Always supervise your dog while they’re enjoying their treats to ensure they’re safe and having fun. For more information on storage and safety of yak chews, check out this storage guide.

Latika Golyan
Latika Golyan

Latika Golyan, Founder and Managing Director of Lekali Nepal (the parent organization of Dog Chew Nepal). Her vision is to help dog food retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers see the business value of Lekali dog chews from Nepal and 10x the exports from the country by 2027.

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