Why Himalayan Dog Chew?

Why Himalayan Dog Chew for Dogs?

Chewing is a very essential aspect of your dog’s mental and oral health. Among the various types of chews available on the market, Himalayan Dog Chew is one of the healthiest and most fun options. Himalayan Dog Chew is made using an ancient Himalayan recipe to create a product that is natural and long-lasting and is hand-crafted using only yak/cow milk, lime, and salt.

Himalayan Dog Chew contains a high percentage of protein, with a low level of carbohydrate, making it a very nutritious snack with proven dental benefits. It will also keep your dogs occupied for some time while saving your footwear and furniture from instinctive gnawing.

Ways to enjoy Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews

Dog Enjoying Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chew Pieces Left

Microwave on high setting for 30-45 seconds

Turn into Delicious Puffs

Let the Puff to cool for 2-3 minutes and give back to your pup for a Delicious Treat

Himalayan Dog Chew Benefits

Why not opt for a natural, healthy, preservatives, chemical, gluten, lactose and hormone free dog chew that is durable and long-lasting ?


Natural Treat

Prepared with yak/cow milk, Himalayan Dog Chew is a more natural option than rawhides and non-edible chews.


Edible Chew

Most of the dog chews found in the market are made from plastics or nylons which are non-edible. Why provide non-edible chews for dogs when a nutritious and edible option is so readily available?


Packed with Nutrients

Yak Milk chews are packed with health benefits and nutrition, as they contain protein, calcium, probiotics and, vitamins; moreover, these chews are gluten, grain, lactose and, chemical free. Unlike other chews, Himalayan Dog Chew is a great source of protein (approximately 60%) and contains less than 1% fat.


Better Digestion

As edible rawhides, synthetic bones and chews contain artificial coloring and glue, they are hard to digest whereas yak milk chew is easily digested by slowly melting the cheese through extensive gnawing over some time. Milk in its raw form is difficult for dogs to digest due to lactose content but with our age-old Himalayan recipe, all of the lactose is drained out and once the milk is hardened into Himalayan Dog Chew, it is easily digestible.


Dental benefits

Many dog owners believe that a non-edible hard chew is great for their dog’s dental hygiene. But what most of them ignore is the fact that broken bones and sharp edges from these hard chews can often lead to cuts and painful sores. Hard Himalayan Dog Chews involve hours of chewing and are perfect for your dog’s teeth. It helps to reduce common dental problems like Plaque and Tartar.


No Hazards

Small rawhides, plastic & nylon chews pose a choking hazard. However, our milk-based chew can be softened with enough moisture and rarely poses a threat of choking. Furthermore, the small pieces left at the end can be microwaved to turn them into crunchy popcorn.


No Chemicals

Lots of dog chews like rawhides, bully sticks, and synthetic bones are treated with harmful chemicals and artificial flavors and are made from plastics and polymeric materials. Himalayan Dog Chew involves no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial agents at any stage of production.


No Bacterial Infestation

Himalayan Dog Chew is prepared after thorough heating at optimal temperature because of which it has very less chance of bacterial infestation. Other chews involving animal parts pose a high threat of bacterial infection for your dog.

Why not opt for a natural, healthy, preservatives, chemical, gluten, lactose, and hormone-free dog chew that is durable and long-lasting?

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