Dog Chew Bars

Dog Chew Bars

Our flagship product, natural Dog Chew Bars boast high profit margins and exceptional customer satisfaction. Partner with us to boost your inventory with these best-selling chews. 

  • Extended engagement: Keeps dogs happily occupied, reducing complaints about boredom and destructive behavior.
  • Natural ingredients: Premium Himalayan recipe resonates with health-conscious pet owners.
  • Ready-to-eat convenience: Makes snack time effortless for busy pet parents, driving repeat purchases.
  • Sized for all breeds: Ensures every dog gets their perfect chew, maximizing your customer base.

Available Sizes

Our product categories are not limited to the stated segment only. It can be customized according to other requirements. The size of Lekali Dog Chew bars can be altered as per the wholesaler’s desired package size.

Size Small Medium LN1 Large LN2 XL XXL
Weight 30-40 g 70-80 g 85-95 g 100-110 g 115-125 g 155-165 g 170-200 g
Length 6–9 cm 10–14 cm 10–14 cm 13–17 cm 15–18 cm 15–18 cm 16-20 cm

We welcome customization requests. 

Nutrition information

Crude Protein Min: 66%

Crude Fiber Max: 1%

Crude Fat Max: 1%

Ash Content Max: 9%

Moisture Max: 15%

Calories: 385 / 100 g

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